Sea Of Thieves Celebrates 15 Million Players


After a rather mediocre launch, Sea of Thieves is now a globally beloved pirate game that over 15 million players played!

Sea of Thieves 15 million

Wonky combat, an obscenely scarce amount of content, lack of any real meaningful progression. Sea of Thieves had a rough start, one that most games don’t recover from. However, that is not the case with Rare’s action-adventure, as it has evolved like crazy since it launched. Lots of free content updates, tweaks, hotfixes, all kinds of stuff that expanded the game’s content variety. Now you can fight spooky skeletons, search for mysterious artifacts, or take on terrifying sea behemoths. And let’s not forget that you can always get your day ruined by another player. But that’s what pirates are known for, so that adds further to the game’s enjoyment factor.

Well, with the Steam launch, Sea of Thieves is counting 15 million players. Quite a large number that is mostly backed up by the Steam launch. Over 1 million copies have been sold since June 3rd, 2020. As always, getting a good game on Steam is an excellent move since it’s the biggest platform out there for buying games. I’m just sad there was no celebration of this milestone, but we can’t have everything. Read more about the dev’s thoughts on this on their Xbox blog.

Sea of Thieves 15 million

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